About us

Welcome to The Bridge Light. 

We are a production house whose primary drive lies in the progression of the inception, construction and realization of media of all kinds. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on expanding the marketability of honest storytelling in the form of feature films, documentaries, animation and comic books, with plan of evolving to alternative forms of expression. 


Every project The Bridge Light undertakes contains within every aspect of its development a consecrated union of modern technology and thought with allusions and reverence to the golden years of indie cinema. We strive to unite established professionals and blossoming auteurs in an environment tailored to inspire a comfortable and rewarding workspace as well as the greatest collaboration possible.  

Our Management Team


Michael. A. Obiazi


Chief Executive Officer

Ernest Audu

Head of Global Business

Chief Public Relations Officer

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Gordon Kindlon

Head of Operations America

Production Director


Ijeoma Mezue

Head off Operations Africa

Chief Technology Officer